New Tech for Window Washing

Technology loves to march onward, and it’s not impossible for everything to be touched by it. This includes window washing and cleaning. It’s not always machines and new wireless connections that make their way into industries. Sometimes, science provides subtler means of making things better.


One of the ways that window cleaners Perth have changed is the introduction of new materials into the industry. These have made new tools available, simplifying what once could have been a difficult task. With the increase in high-rise buildings, these innovations are as invaluable as ever.


One of the best innovations is the water-fed pole.


This has allowed cleaners to work on tall buildings with the safety of being on the ground. This cuts away so many risks, though sometimes you do need to have someone up there. Water-fed poles come in two varieties, the telescopic and the modular.


Telescopic poles can be good, but they tend to flex as they get longer. This means you’re giving up a little control. Weight issues are also a problem because a six-section pole is always six sections, even if you only need four.


Modular systems extend without losing rigidity. However, they can become very heavy the longer you make them. Individual extensions can be adjusted or added, allowing for more natural control.


Carbon fibre is essential in either design. This is because it has impressive endurance and rigidity, but also because it’s lightweight. It’s stronger than still, stays firm more, and is much lighter.


The use of this new material has opened up new opportunities in window cleaning technology. The basics remain the same, but the tools are getting better and smarter. For starters, the lighter pole means that there are better control and less strain. Cleaners can get more work done in less time.


Extensions at the end also allow for greater flexibility. They provide more options, such as attacking corners and crevices that would be difficult when using just the ordinary system alone. With this, it is much easier and more efficient to clean windows.


As you can see, technology has pushed things beyond how they used to work.


While there is still a need for high-rise window cleaning to be done from the top going down, it isn’t always the case anymore. The use of extending tools made of carbon fibre allows for better flexibility and a lot less risk to the men and women doing the work.